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Sprouting and Soaking… why bother?

You may have some nutty friend… (pardon the pun)… who soaks their nuts. Mind out of the gutter people – we are talking about the plant produced kind here 😉 And… you probably wonder why why WHY do they bother when nuts are just fine straight out of the packet or from the market? Then… Continue reading Sprouting and Soaking… why bother?

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Let’s Talk About Pesto! Tricks to Designing your Own Pizazz…

Pesto was an obsession of mine awhile ago. It’s so simple and versatile and you can use whatever you have on hand if you keeps to these guidelines. You will need a food processor or fairly powerful blender. First… You need the veggie/herb base. It can be a mix of things or a simple pesto… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Pesto! Tricks to Designing your Own Pizazz…

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“The World’s Mine Oyster” – The Food of Love

Four Fab Facts about Oysters… 1. Oysters have the highest concerntration of zinc of any food. This could be why oysters are known for their aphrodisiac properties – Zinc is required for healthy, active sperm and the proper action of testosterone. The 18th-century lover Casanova, in particular, is said to have eaten fifty oysters for… Continue reading “The World’s Mine Oyster” – The Food of Love

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The ‘Dirty Dozen”

The ‘Dirty Dozen
The link to the above website of will take you too a list of the Dirty Dozen – as sourced from the Environmental Working Group
12 Produce Items to try and buy organic. These fruit and veg have the highest pesticide residues. There is also a list of the 12 least chemically tainted fruit and veg. It’s not all doom and gloom…