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Spring Clean: Seasonal Produce Availability & Body Nurture Points

SPRING : Seasonal, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables & Seafood Fruit Apples Cumquats Grapefruit Lemon Mandarin Orange Papaya Paw paw Pineapple Tangelo Avocado Tomato Vegetables Watercress Sliver beet/Chard Spinach Lettuce Artichoke Bok choy Choy sum Asparagus Green beans Cabbage Carrot Cauliflower Garlic/Ginger Leek Mushrooms Green Peas Pumpkin Sweet corn Zucchini flower Beetroot Seafood Atlantic Salmon Coral trout… Continue reading Spring Clean: Seasonal Produce Availability & Body Nurture Points

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Humble Yet Handy Hummus

HUMMUS Handy snack and a great accompaniment with some carrot sticks, celery, snow peas, sticks of cucumber or capsicum slices. Homemade hummus is pretty easy to make and is better for you than most preservative-containing store varieties. Try making a batch up Sunday arvo to last you the week. Chickpeas are high in protein, vitamin… Continue reading Humble Yet Handy Hummus

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Raw Raspberry Freezer-Ready Slice

I LOVE freezable treats. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am the type of person to make a cake and eat it all in one sitting. Slight exaggeration… Two sittings. That is why making sweets that store best in the freezer works for me. Out of mind, out of sight. Right? It… Continue reading Raw Raspberry Freezer-Ready Slice