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Humble Yet Handy Hummus

HUMMUS Handy snack and a great accompaniment with some carrot sticks, celery, snow peas, sticks of cucumber or capsicum slices. Homemade hummus is pretty easy to make and is better for you than most preservative-containing store varieties. Try making a batch up Sunday arvo to last you the week. Chickpeas are high in protein, vitamin… Continue reading Humble Yet Handy Hummus

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Beetroot Relish

I love beetroot relish! I usually buy my relish for the local produce store. It is relatively additive free, but it is rather expensive… This week, I had some time up my sleeve and beetroot in the fridge so I thought it was time to make some of my own… Check out my Recipe for BEETROOT RELISH… Continue reading Beetroot Relish

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Let’s Talk About Pesto! Tricks to Designing your Own Pizazz…

Pesto was an obsession of mine awhile ago. It’s so simple and versatile and you can use whatever you have on hand if you keeps to these guidelines. You will need a food processor or fairly powerful blender. First… You need the veggie/herb base. It can be a mix of things or a simple pesto… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Pesto! Tricks to Designing your Own Pizazz…