Food Decoder


AGAVE NECTAR: Sweet syrup that comes from the Agave Cactus. Although sometimes claimed as a healthy alternative to sugar in baking, this product is highly processed- stripping the nectar of most nutrients- basically leaving a sticky, high-fructose sugar syrup. It is said to actually contain MORE FRUCTOSE than other any other sweetener – up to 70 – 97%! Avoid this ingredient in your cooking… if you stumble across a recipe calls for it, substitute with maple syrup, raw honey or molasses. Just keep in mind – Sugar is sugar… it’s all good in moderation, and these natural forms are much better alternatives to artificial sugars such as Equal or Splenda.


BUCKWHEAT: Buckwheat is not wheat. It is not even a grain. Buckwheat groats are seeds of  a plant that is related to Rhubarb. It is therefore gluten free. Although it contains no gluten, buckwheat is a good binding agent in cooking. This makes it very versatile in baking and cooking – especially in raw recipes. Watch this video on how to soak and sprout buckwheat groats –


CACAO (Raw): Un-roasted : hence the ‘raw’ title… this bitter chocolate powder contains up to twice the amount of antioxidants of regular Cocoa Powder. Cacao is also high in the essential mineral Magnesium and several mood lifting neurotransmitters.


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