Kids & Food

As a mother, I have a special interest in children’s nutrition. I have raised my child to understand food, to appreciate the difference between fresh and processed and to be informed enough to make her own educated food choices.

I thought it might be a fun idea to ask my daughter, Charlotte, to write her own little mini-blog on her food experiences and ideas. So… here she is 🙂


Hi I am Charlotte and I here to tell you of my ideas/experiences.

When I go to school most kids get a boring sandwich for lunch, I get that it is easy and all but is it healthy for them? I usually have an salad or a salad wrap because it is easier for the body to digest and is much healthier.

If kids are late for school in the morning or just eating a quick breakfast they usually have cereal. I think making some home-made muesli is better. It is very easy to make and much healthier to eat. If mums start to put in the kids snacks and think, “Should I pack something healthy? Nah, maybe I won’t because I won’t have enough time to cut some watermelon.” Well if you are a bit like that, just think about which is worse – getting your child late to school or a better and healthier food?

Charlotte xxx



Jamie Oliver’s TED talk about the power of food and educating our children about it’s importance.

Here is a Handout for Parents from Nutrition Australia – It runs through some ideas to get children interested in different foods and taking charge of their health.

5 Food Tips for Parents – HANDOUT


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