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Golubka Kitchen: Vegetarian/Vegan and Raw Recipes

NEW_Kassoff_The-Vibrant-Table1Golubka Kitchen: Vegetarian/Vegan and Raw Recipes

My mouth is salivating looking at all these AMAZING delicious looking creations!

Check it out – Cookbook due out in June 2014… I’ll definitely be reserving my copy.logo

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Thug Kitchen – Cooking Blog ##LANGUAGE WARNING##


Thug Kitchen – Cooking Blog ##LANGUAGE WARNING##
Hilarious cooking/health blog – Cooking Healthy… Gangsta Style. Clever way of appealing to a younger audience perhaps?
WARNING – Contains strong language. And hidden nutritional messages…
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The ‘Dirty Dozen”

The ‘Dirty Dozen
The link to the above website of will take you too a list of the Dirty Dozen – as sourced from the Environmental Working Group
12 Produce Items to try and buy organic. These fruit and veg have the highest pesticide residues. There is also a list of the 12 least chemically tainted fruit and veg. It’s not all doom and gloom…