About Me


My name is Kelly, I am a currently studying Health Science Degree in Naturopathy.  I am passionate about health promotion and fascinated with the power of nutritious food.

I feel that what ‘food’ we shove in our mouths these days is usually done without a second thought. We rarely appreciate where this food comes from and it’s journey from farm (or sometimes factory) to mouth, let alone contemplate what impact our food consumption has on our insides and health. We are hungry – so we eat what is convenient and easy, what fits into our busy lifestyles and what we are told is good for us by media and society.

It is time to start questioning… Why should I eat this food? Where did it come from?

It is time to start reading labels… What are those numbered ingredients? What does ‘fat-free’ really mean? Can i believe every advertising claim made by companies? What are the labelling laws?

It is time to start looking at your options… What alternatives do I have to big chain supermarkets? Can I grow some of my own produce? What other products available might be a healthier choice?

Explore. Create. Challenge.

Break the cycle and become fresh, healthy and full of life – because you are what you eat.

Kelly xxx



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